Dance Policies for Kindergarten through 4th grades

Welcome to Dance at DSA!  Kindergarten through Fourth Grade students attend dance class with Mrs. Jost

  •  Please leave jewelry at home on dance day (stud earrings permitted only)
  •  Students wearing shoes with laces should continue practicing to tie shoes on own
  •  Polish may be worn on the fingers only
  •  Students wearing dresses or skirts must wear shorts underneath
  •  It is highly recommended hair is pulled away from the face
  •  Please attend dance class with clean feet on your dance day 
  • On cold days, wear footless tights.

4th Grade Mini Majors

Welcome to dance minis majors!!  Please find below some helpful information for Mrs. Jost's class.

  • Dance mini majors meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays for 50 minutes.

  • Dancers will be receiving lockers this year. Please keep your locker locked at all times.

  • Students will have 5 minutes to dress out for dance.

  • Hair must be in a secure bun when arriving on campus. This will help maximize our time in the studio dancing.

  • Dancers should have extra bobby pins, hairnet, and tights in their dance bags.

  • Dancers must wear their dance attire under their school uniform (unless you have PE, then bring your attire)

  • Please leave jewelry at home on dance days with the exception of studded earrings.

  • Polish may be worn on the fingers only.