Davenport School of the Arts
 Dance Department

Welcome to Ultimate Dance Elective


All Dance Elective students will be dressed in the following attire Everyday:

Female Dancers will need to have their hair in a tight ponytail away from face. Hair must not come lose during class. The following for class everyday:

Plain Black yoga/stretch pants
Plain Black Leotard (any style. It must come up to the collar bone and cover bra straps and back)
Plain colored bra (bras can not be seen)
Bare Feet (No shoes need for this class)

Male Dancers

Black Jazz Pants with Athletic Support
Black fitted s/s T-shirt
Bare Feet (No shoes need for this class)

All students will need Academic Supplies: 3 prong pocket folder with some loose leaf paper and a pencil. No Pens are permitted in the studio.