Davenport School of the Arts
 Dance Department

Welcome to Tap and Ultimate Dance Elective with Mrs. Carlow

Below you will find the policies and guidelines that are specific to the each Elective.

Both Tap and Ultimate Dance

  • Please leave jewelry at home with the exception of studded earrings. The dance department is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 
  • Hair must be pulled back in a pony tail out of face. Short hair may be pulled back with clips. 
  • Finger Nail polish can be any color. 
  • Body sprays, perfumes and scented lotions are prohibited inside our building due to students with severe allergies. Please use these items outside in a well ventilated area away from students.
  • Cell Phones are to be OFF and kept in their book bags or in their designated spot in the cell phone holder.
  • Bathrooms are to be used before entering the dance studio.
  • You may bring a water bottle with WATER ONLY to class everyday to prevent hydration.
  • All school wide policies apply in the arts.

Tap Policy
  • Students will be dancing in their DSA uniform
  • Must purchase the Tap shoes that Mrs. Carlow requires for class. 
  • Hair needs to be pulled back into a tight pony tail. 

Ultimate Dance Policy: 


  • Please keep finger nails and toe nails short and not pointy.  


  •  There will be no locker room this year due to the Covid-19 district policy, Please change in the bathroom quickly. You will have 5 minutes to dress.
  • All elective students will carry their clothes with them each and every day. No items should be left behind. 


All elective dancers may wear the following clothing to class: 

  • Bottoms: Plain black leggings, yoga pants. 
  • Plain Black Leotard that comes up to the collar bone and covers your back. 
  • Bare feet is needed for this class. No shoes necessary. 

They will need deodorant and baby wipes (this is to clean their feet before entering the studio).

The students are graded on daily participation 50%, etiquette 30% and class readiness 20%. It will be a 4 point scale.
Daily participation: The student gives 100% effort in class, trying their personal best and warming up their body to get ready for class. This is something I will teach them the first two weeks. 
Class Etiquette: This grade is based on their attitude towards Mrs. Carlow, the lesson and their classmates. They exhibit the school wide 7 habits. The students will be asked to work with partners and small groups several times throughout the year. 
Class Readiness: The student comes to class with the approved clothing, finger nail and toe nails are appropriate and their hair is in a pony tail. This shows that the student is ready to work.