Davenport School of the Arts
 Dance Department

Welcome to Dance 3

All dancers will be dressing out in FULL dance attire 5 days a week with hair in a Ballet bun.

Dancers will have Ballet technique 2 times a week, Modern 2 times a week and Dance academics on Fridays Quarter 1 & 2.

Since we are an Arts infused school, academics are a very important part of the dancer's education. Students will be learning some Dance Terminology, Dance Notation, Dance Critique, Decoding Dance works, injury prevention and Nutrition. This is all done at a scaffolding level through the year. There might be dance homework as well, due to the limited time for academic work in the classroom. All levels will have written and practical (skills) tests and projects throughout the year. It is very important that the dancers stretch everyday including weekends to increase flexibility. 

Dance 3: Project

Dance Pioneer Project/Innovator Project. This is a very detailed 3-part project that will take 6-9 weeks to complete. Each dancer will blindly choose a dance pioneer/innovator that they will have to learn all about and answer a series of questions. They will have to chose a dance piece that their person either choreographed or performed in and will have to decode the dance work. Then they will write an essay about their person.


Dancers receive several tests throughout the year that reflect on their learning and mastery of skills. 

Student Choreography Project. This is a 6 -9 week project

The dancers will be learning how to choreography dances in small groups through the 7 choreographic principals. They will have an opportunity to perform in  our Student Choreography Showcase in May. 

Dance Concert

ALL dance majors will be participating in our End of the Year Annual Dance Concert on March 24 and 25, 2023. Each class will be receiving a minimum of 2 dances per class. There will be more performing opportunity throughout the year. 

This is a Mandatory/ Graded concert. This performance is what the dancers work all year for. 

Please note: I teach to the individual dancer. If your child has not mastered the standards from the previous level, I will work with them on a modified curriculum. 

Advance Ballet Technique: Progressions from the Intermediate Level. It is important for each student to not only master the previous techniques but to consistently practice in order to not fall behind.

Barre: The order of the barre stays the same from Intermediate to Advance with going into longer, faster and more challenging combinations that incorporate direction changes, weight changes and using the inside leg often. This level is expected to really perform each exercise to enhance stage presence. The following are some extras that I add:

  • Double Rond de Jambe en l’air flat and releve’
  • Rond verse’
  • En Cloche’
  • Flic-Flac
  • Double Frappes
  • Double Fouette Turns at the barre
  • Coupe’ Turns En dehour and En dedan

Across The Floor:

  • Faster Chaine’ turns with arms in 1st
  • Double Pique and Pique into Fouette
  • Lame Duck Turns into pirouettes
  • Attitude Turns
  • More Combinations including Glissade assemble’, pirouettes, Fouettes, A la Seconde’ turns, Tour Jete, Saute de Chat
  • Waltz Combinations with Balance’

Center Floor:

  • Italian Fouette
  • Petite Allegro: From 2nd beats, longer faster combinations, Sissonne Ferme, Contretemps, Cabriole’.
  • 8 Body Positions on releve’
  • All Arabesque positions in releve’
  • A la Second Turns, Fouette Turns, Double and Tripple Piouette, En Dedan turns.
  • Longer Adagio