Davenport School of the Arts
 Dance Department

Welcome to Dance 2!

All dancers will be dressing out in FULL dance attire 5 days a week with hair in a Ballet bun.

Dancers will have Ballet, Modern/Contemporary and Jazz technique.
Dance academics on Fridays for Quarter 1 and 2

Since we are an Arts infused school, academics are a very important part of the dancer's education. Students will be learning some Dance Terminology, Dance Notation, Dance Critique, Decoding Dance works, injury prevention and Nutrition. This is all done at a scaffolding level through the year. There might be dance homework as well, due to the limited time for academic work in the classroom. All levels will have written and practical (skills) tests and projects throughout the year. It is very important that the dancers stretch everyday including weekends to increase flexibility. 

Dance 2

7th grade: 9 week Project

Dance History Research Paper comparing the roles of dance in various cultures.


Dancers receive several tests throughout the year that reflect on their learning and mastery of skills. 

Student Choreography Project. This is a 6-9 week project in the 4th 9 weeks

The dancers will be learning how to choreography dances in small groups through the 7 choreographic principals. They will have an opportunity to audition for our Student Choreography Showcase in May. 

Dance Concert

ALL dance majors will be participating in our End of the Year Annual Dance Concert.  Each class will be receiving a minimum of 2 dances per class. There will be more performing opportunity throughout the year. 

This is a Mandatory/ Graded concert. This performance is what the dancers work all year for. 

Below are the Ballet skills the dancers need to master in order to be moved to the next skill level. 

Please note: I teach to the individual dancer. If your child has not mastered the standards from the previous level, I will work with them on a modified curriculum until they have mastered the necessary skills.

Intermediate Ballet Technique: Skills learned at the intermediate level are a progression from beginner level. All exercises taught are extended and more challenging for this level. Proper body/ foot alignment must be present in order to master the skills in this level. Performance presentation must also be present in every class.


  • Demi/Grand Plie’ with port de bras in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th position
  • Tendu and Degages are from 5th with more weight changes, port de bras and En Croix
  • Frappe’ with beats
  • Pas de Chavel
  • Rond de Jambe from 5th with Foot and arm preparation. Add en l’air at degage level in en dehour and en dedan, chasse lunge stretch with combre’ devant and derriere, low attitude balance. (Once the year progresses I add single rond de jambe en lair beats with 90 degree ron de jambe enlair en de hour and a full attitude balance devant)
  • Fouette’ Turns: Beginning process at the barre’.
  • Adagio with Fondu/develop’ extensions
  • Grand Battements

Across the Floor

  • Chaine’ Turns
  • Soutenu
  • Pique Turns
  • Tombe pas de bouree w/wo combination
  • Glissade
  • Tour Jete
  • Waltz and Waltz turn
  • Saute de Chat with combo

Center Floor:

  • Single and Double Pirouettes
  • A la Second Turns
  • Fouette’ Turns
  • Adagio with developpe’ 
  • Petite Allegro: Royale, Echappe’ (Slide and Saute), Entrechat, Temps Leve’, Soubresaut, Sissonne, Brise at the barre, Temps de Quisse, Assemble’ at the barre and in center.
  • All 8 Body Positions
  • All 4 Arabesque Positions in Degage and 90 degrees
  • Penche’
  • Promenade