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Davenport School of the Arts
 Dance Department

Lion King Audition Dance

Choreography by Jessica Harvie

 BC=ball change

Introduction: Dancers face wall 5 posed; At the start when Simba says “I’m going back”.

1-8 Arms going through the “grass” 2x to the R then change L and arms go high; with contractions

1-8 Freeze with pause in music plié arms go high and reach out

1-8 African step: arms swing and head is down. Swing step R L R BC; Reverse

1-8 Cross R foot back and pinwheel arms RL around to face wall 6 Left brush on Double stag leap 2x arms in demi seconde head down.

1-8 pivot R spin on Left “soar” around to Ball change RL; reverse to other side and use as a prep;


1-8 Grande Plié open arms up and out; cross L knee to R elbow jump, prepare pirouette; repeat


1-8 Sauté swing step R reach L back 4 x step R; Step L; Step R; Step L

1-8 Rond de jambe back with arms in fist and swinging in opposition

1-8 Step R drag L R arms up and around turn to face wall 7; step L drag R L arm up and around face

wall 5; Modern lateral balance

1-8 Chasse bc step leap (sauté basque or grande jeté) pivot L pivot to wall 8 to face wall 5

1-8 Final Pose: forced arch on L foot; shoulder shake RLR head (head down) on beat with music. Hold

Please be prepared to demonstrate any acro skills; all splits; and any special jumps/leaps you can perform.