Davenport Dancers 

Jazz Modern Warm Up Fun watch spacing and modify for you 6x6 square

1 hour long Jazz warm up and technique class; watch spacing

You can start this online while you wait to be logged into zoom.  sent a message that you are on so you are not marked tardy if you are in the middle of this when zoom opens.

Turns and Leaps Progression 1

Learn Choreo to "My Shot"

This does have across the floor-you will need to focus on the stationary turns it will not be safe to try these across the floors at home or in you 6x6. Focus on balance and holding each balance for 8-16 counts with strong pull up and alignment watch the hip placement and spot

Next attempt the turns using your technique and spot.  I look forward to seeing improved turns when I return.

Do not throw away your shot to work those ABS...dance fun!

Choreographic Process

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