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 Dance Department

Davenport School of the Arts
Dance Department Policies

The following Dance Policies are in place to inform students and parents of expectations, requirements, and guidelines which our accepted students and parents are to abide by.  Please read through the following department policies carefully and then visit the DANCE FORMS Link to sign forms online. This confirms you have read and understand the policies which helps us manage our department.


  • Keep a Positive Attitude about class; CAN'T is NOT in a Dancer's Vocabulary.  
  • Treat EVERY class like an audition, because sometimes it is!  
  • Expect to work harder each day-this is how you will grow and develop.  Enter the studio calm, respectful, and PREPARED.
  • We DANCE, dance class; Get a DR'S NOTE and action plan for recovery IF you are injured.  Sitting out requires a Dr.'s note.
  • Email is the best way to communicate with us.  Connect with us at the top of our webpage!


  • Bathe daily, use baby wipes and enter studio with clean feet, use deodorant as good manners before and after class. (Dispose of properly in trash).
  • Good habits for washing uniforms are: Hand wash, Hang Dry.  Wash dance attire on Friday, return clean and dry on Monday for the week. Do not wash shoes.
  • Arrive prepared with attire, materials, and shoes daily.  
  • Label EVERYTHING.  Use a silver sharpie for only black items.
  • A dancer's hairline is an instrument. Dancers need hair in a secured bun with a hairnet and bobby pins daily for class. Short hair should be pulled back with clips or a headband. All buns need to be attached to the head and secure enough that it does not come out during class.  (Specifically floor work and spotting).  Click this link to go to our Video resource for help on making a bun.
  •  Nails and Jewelry: Nails are to be kept short. Not long and pointy. Stud earrings are permitted. Please take everything else off or keep it home. The dance department is not responsible for any missing or broken jewelry. 


  • Parents are responsible for purchasing student attire, shoes, costume rental fee, materials, and personal belongings.
  • Dancers should replace at their expense any parts of their uniform that is missing, outgrown, or damaged (holes and rips).  
  • Dancers wear PRE-PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE AND FOOTWEAR Daily for class.
  •  Professional dancewear must be purchased online or at a dance store.  Local Wal-mart/Target will not hold up to the daily training and repeated washings.
  •  Purchase 2 pairs of tights at a time, this means you always have a back up for class.
  •  Leotards must be in dress code and cover chest to collar bone. All bras must be covered.
  •  Avoid tearing tags or ripping packaging in case it needs to be returned.  Teacher must approve dancewear.
  • Professional Dance Undergarments with clear straps are preferred. Bras may be worn; but should not be visible.  Sports bras are acceptable. Men should wear an athletic support.
  • See teacher policy regarding academic supplies and notebooks.


  • Costume Rental Fee is $35 per student.   The fee is non-refundable. The Deadline for payment is Sept 30th.  
  • Parents may set up simple payment plans in order to pay off the fee in a timely manner. 
  • Parents and students will need to return a concert commitment agreement, committing to after school rehearsals and the performances.
  • Parents are responsible for providing reliable transportation to and from rehearsals and performances at DSA.
  • Dancers are placed on dance probation for failure to attend rehearsals or concert performances.
  • All dancers must be in school attendance the day of a rehearsal or performance. If they are not, they will  not be permitted to participate in the rehearsal or performance as per the county attendance policy.

Nutrition for Dancers!

We are asking for parents support in making sure that all of our dancers are eating a well balanced Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. It is so important that they have all of the nutrients needed to stay focused and awake throughout the day. They are burning many calories in their dance classes, that without proper nutrition they are more likely to get injured.

A well balanced breakfast includes: 

Whole grains, Protein and Fiber. If they receive a school breakfast we encourage them to eat in the cafeteria before coming to dance in the morning. Please try to refrain from all caffeinated beverages throughout the day. The energy boost that they receive from those beverages doesn’t last and the students become more tired and lose concentration easily.

We also ask that they receive proper rest so that their bodies can recover from what they have done that day. All of the dancers should be getting at least 8 hrs of sleep a night. This will help with keeping them alert and on task during the day.