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Davenport School of the Arts
 Dance Department

Here are the colors for the the DSA Make up Design:

  1. Foundation: Liquid foundation that matches your child’s skin tone.  This is a must to even out the skin tone.  Blend into the upper neck. Powder may also be applied.
  2. *Eye Shadow: Ivory and dark brown. Ivory is to be worn on the entire eye up to the brow bone and the brown is to go only on the eye lid.
  3. Liquid Eye Liner: Black waterproof eyeliner, above the top eyelash line and below the bottom eye lash line.
  4. White Pencil Eyeliner: to be worn in the crease of the eye.
  5. Black Mascara: Water proof lower and top lashes
  6. Blush: Cherry color.  This is a good color for all skin tones.
  7. Lipstick: Dark Red

Brands such as  ELF and Wet n Wild are inexpensive and available at Wal-mart and drugstores.

Mrs. Harvie's Favorite Video- be done in 6 minutes!

Performance Ready Look from a Professional Ballerina....

Performance Make up for Dark Skin Tones