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"It's the BEST time of Year- CONCERT SEASON!"

What does my child need for CONCERT? 
February 14, 2019

Need to purchase Dance Attire in advance?

Where do I purchase items?

Tickets go on sale......February 15, 2019 at 11am


Parent To Do List:

1. Read Weekly Emails from Dance teachers.

2. Stay up to date with communication (such as Remind)

3. Financially- Prepare to purchase what your dancer needs by 2-14-19.  Remember to allow time for shipping.

4. Return Concert T-shirt Forms by 2-14-19.

Parent Volunteers!

Email: Mrs. Carlow to help.  click here tinamarie.carlow@polk-fl.net

WE are in need of volunteers during the school day as we prep costumes and props.

We also need volunteers to work backstage during rehearsals and during concerts.

Please consider being part of the FAMILY FUN!  Thank You.

(County Approved Volunteers)

New Students, Auditioned Students & ALL 8th Grade Parent's Must Volunteer for one:

rehearsal, show, or in pre-planning production concert preparations.  We NEED your helping hands, supervision, talents, and expertise!

Click the link Here to fill out your PCSB Parent Approved Volunteer Application.  There is a process fee and a waiting period.  WE NEED YOU to do this now so that you can volunteer and be a part of 2018 Concert Production Plans.  We look forward to working with our Parent Partners Like YOU!

English Parent Volunteer Application

For more detailed information on the PCSB Approved Parent Volunteer Process Visit the Polk County website at http://www.polk-fl.net/community/volunteers/default.htm

Thank you and Welcome to our Dance Family!

Classroom Supplies Needed:

Cleaning Wipes

Paper towel Roll


We are pleased to offer this website to help our students and parents connect directly with our DSA Dance Educators.  

Our site will provide instant access to:

  • Calendar Dates and Deadlines
  • Dance Department Policies
  • Individual Classroom Expectations
  • Information on Dance Supplies
  • Links to Dance Suppliers (under Dance Supplies)
  • Homework

This site was developed to directly connect parents to teachers and to help each student become self-directed in their studies. 

To begin locate the page that pertains to your class section and double-click the link. Don't forget to scroll all the way down to find what you need. 

We hope that this year will meet or exceed your expectations! 

Mrs. Harvie, Mrs. Carlow, Mrs. Jost